Frequently Asked Questions


Can I talk to anyone at Canine Adventures?

We are very approachable and are happy to help with any part of your experience in using the facilities at Canine Adventures. Speak to us for any assistance.

Do I need to bring a water bowl?

Yes. There is water available in each of the fields but please bring your own water bowl.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes of course! The bookings are made based on the number of dogs and if you wish to meet with friends and/or family to enjoy the facilities/and share the cost then great.

Can I alter my booking?

Yes, you can alter your booking up to 24 hours before your planned session start time. Follow the instructions in your confirmation email or log in to your account to do this.

Is there shelter available?

There is a mobile field shelter which will protect you from the worst of the weather.

I am a professional dog walker/trainer. Can I use the facilities?

Yes. We value our relationships with professionals from the dog industry. Please speak to us to discuss what we have to offer.

Will I have the sole use of the field?

Only one booking is available per field per hour meaning that you will have exclusive use of that field (unless you chose to invite friends and/or family to join you).

How many dogs can I bring?

How many dogs have you got?! The maximum number of dogs allowed at any one time is 7, however speak to us if this causes any restrictions as we can be flexible if we have spoken with you and are satisfied that the dogs will be properly managed.

How do I book?

Click the button below:

Click on on Book Now button